Dynamic Blackjack

Live Dealer. Real Cards. Individual Player Stations.

Welcome to the world of Dynamic Blackjack! It’s a classic game of 21 that combines the excitement of a live table game with the ease and privacy of an electronic game. But don’t get it twisted—Dynamic Blackjack isn’t a random generator game. It’s you against a live dealer with real cards dealt in real time!

Grab a seat and play without intimidation from the comfort of your own player station. The dealer’s station is connected to each individual terminal. Pick one of the three available hands you wish to play from; then place your bet, and the cards are dealt live. Choose from standard betting options like splitting, doubling down, and side bets.

As the cards are dealt, you’ll see all of the action live and in real time on your terminal screen. It doesn’t matter how many players join the game—it’s your hand versus the dealer.
The next card out of the shoe is yours.